02 Agustus 2011

Transfer Contact dari Nokia ke Samsung Galaxy Fit/Or more

How to Export [Transfer] Contacts from Nokia Phone to Samsung Galaxy S

Nokia Phone ContactsIf you had a Nokia phone and recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S phone the first thing you will think of is to transfer your existing phonebook contacts from Nokia to Samsung Galaxy S phone. As these are two different companies so do not support export and import directly. But thankfully with the help of phone management software like Nokia PC Suite and Kies we should be able to perform export and import very easily. This process of transferring contacts should not take more than a couple of mins in a normal case. Please follow the steps mentioned below to get your Nokia phonebook contacts transferred safely to your new Samsung Galaxy S phone without the need to install any new software on any of the phones.
  • Connect your Nokia phone to PC with the help of Nokia PC Suite.
  • Once connected, click on Contacts icon as shown below.
Nokia PC Suite
  • Once you see all the contacts, select All contacts click on File > Export… and then save it in CSV format on the desktop. As shown below.
nokia communication centre
  • Now Nokia’s work is done, close Nokia PC Suite and open Kies.
If you are not able to connect Samsung Galaxy S and getting a device error you should check out this article MTP USB Device Failed to Install for Samsung Galaxy S & Kies- Resolved
  • Once you have launched Kies, click on Contacts icon (as shown below)
kies contacts
  • Connect your Samsung Galaxy S phone to PC and in Kies’ Contacts click on PC tab.
  • Now Click on Open File
Samsung Galaxy S contact export to Nokia
  • Select the CSV file which you saved from Nokia PC Suite, as shown below.
open file Samsung Galaxy S
  • Once you select the CSV file you will be asked to map the fields from CSV file and Kies software. If you are unsure what to do, select the settings as shown below.
field mapping in Samsung Galaxy S kies
If you want to add some more details, depending upon the information you had in your Nokia phone like, website, fax etc. in this case you should open CSV in excel and find out the columns you need to add.
  • Click OK and you should now see a list of ALL your contacts as shown below. Click on Transfer to Device button and now you should be able to transfer all your imported contacts to Samsung Galaxy S.
Hopefully all the steps went fine and now you are able to see / import all Nokia contacts to Samsung Galaxy S. This is one of the way by which you can import all your existing phone book contacts from any Nokia phone to Samsung Galaxy S.
I will be writing about an alternate way which you can use if you don’t want to manually import any of your contacts shown by this method. If you are stuck at any step feel free to drop in a comment as I keep saying all the above steps are tried and tested by me so should work fine.

02 Mei 2011

14 Maret 2011

Cara Update Manual Avira (Of line update)
1. Download File update_nya terlebih dulu lewat link diatas
2. Pilih file updatenya mau yang VDF atau iVDF tergantung dari versi Avira yang kamu pakai
3. Klik pada tulisan download.
4. Buka avira
5. Klik Update – manual update
6. Cari file yang sudah kamu download tadi
7. Klik open
8. Jika muncul The VDF update kit has been suc …… itu tandanya berhasil
9. Kemudian klik OK
10. Klik Scan system now untuk scan seluruh drive komputermu……
Cara Update Avira (Online update)
1. Buka Avira
2. Klik Klik Update – Start update
3. Tunggu scam for update sampai selesai
4. klik download avira akan secara otomatis download file update nya
5. Klik Scan system now untuk scan seluruh drive komputermu
Selamat Mencoba!

13 Februari 2011

Pengalaman Pribadi Oprek Driver Acer 4730 Z Pada Windows 7

Minggu 13 Februari 2011
Bagi para pencari driver acer 4730 Z for Windows 7, XP dan Vista
silahkan cari di alamat di bawah ini : http://www.driverstools.com/acer-drivers/acer-aspire-4730z-drivers/
sukses loh pake alamat website di atas, laptop langsung berjalan sesuai dengan spesifikasi yang ada di